Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Already!! Here comes the Sun

Our 1946 Willys Jeep - Bringing back to life!

WOW!! Time does fly when you are having fun.

It has been too long since we had a chance to write a post. But things are moving right along. This winter was a moderate with rain levels 50% of average in the Dry Creek Valley. Hopefully that will not be a problem - especially for us because we are virtually dry farmed. We finished pruning on the old vines and doing some replanting of misses on the young vines. We are just seeing bud break in the vineyard now ( that is when the bud begins to open) which is about normal. We have begun to mow our covercrops that we let grow over the winter - we use these to prevent erosion and add organic matter back into the soil - it makes a better vine.

We are almost sold out of our 2004 Puccioni Old Vine Zin - we have had great response from our individual orders and have also placed our wine in some very nice accounts. We are getting ready to bottle our 2005 Old Vine Zin next month - we are very excited about this wine it is tasting very nice. Regarding our 2006 wines - we finished malo-lactic on them and have topped and racked them. Besides our Old Vine Zin in 2006 we will be doing a limited release Petite Sirah which we are very excited about. We know you will enjoy that.

Other Ramblings:
We have a Willys Jeep on the property that was driven by our grandfather everywhere he went and when visitors came to the vineyard he would use it to tour all his guests. It has been sitting idle for a few years - but we have decided to put some resources in it and bring it back to life. So I am reading all the articles I can find about refurbishing and rebuilding our Jeep. Above is a picture of it - you can see we have a little work to do.


Enjoy Puccioni Zin