Saturday, October 14, 2006

Harvest 2006 Puccioni Vineyards

The 2006 Harvest at Puccioni Vyds has begun. We harvested the Nicoletti blk and the Old Back Blk at the Puccioni Ranch and we also harvested Zinfandel from the Buchignani Ranch. Just to make the day more fun we also harvested the Lambert Bridge Vyds Petite Sirah on the same day. As you can see the whole family participated.
(Laurie, Joshua, and Glenn)

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Donna said...

Hey There Cuzins,
Finally I am online so of course I had to check the Puccioni Ranch Gang. Your site is great! Last time all you had was the single page of Puccioni Vinyards Mule News.
Your 2 kids are adorable!!! Mom (Enus) showed me thier pics this weekend when we visited them.
Your making wonderful new "Puccioni Vino" memories here and I am really enjoying your family's news also. Say Hi to Ang also.
Donna (Puccioni) Dow