Sunday, January 28, 2007

ZAP 2007 Puccioni Vineyards - What a Time!!

Our Team: l to r Laurie, Glenn, Joel, Angelo, Bart - taking the pic Amy.
We had a great time pouring Puccioni Old Vine Zinfandel at the ZAP festival yesterday. We got there at 7am and left at 5:30pm - it was a long day. All I can say is when you are on your feet]that long get a floor mat(we did thanks to Laurie). There were some great wines to taste. We had great response on our Zin - we are still new so people would come up asking us who we were etc, but once they tasted the wine they took a card and said they wanted to get our our mailing list. For a small winery like us this is a great opportunity to get exposure with some very knowledgeable Zinfandel fans. If you have not gone to this event - make sure you go at least once in your life!

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winehiker said...

Glenn & Laurie, it was good to meet the two of you at ZAP and finally get a taste of your Zinfandel. Thanks, also, for your note on!

If you'd like to garner a little more exposure for your wines, do consider letting me review them - as many as you feel comfortable sending me - and I'll give the world my honest opinion. Details are in the sidebar on my blog where you see "Got wine?"

I hope to see you two again on the wine trail - keep on blogging!

Russ Beebe
Naturalist, wine guide, and Founder
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